When selecting the right school for your child, it’s crucial to consider the environment, curriculum, and values offered. In Peoria, Illinois, numerous private schools offer various programs, but St. Mary’s of Kickapoo School stands out for its holistic approach to education within the Catholic faith. I will share why this school might be the best choice for your child’s academic and personal growth.

Comprehensive Curriculum

St. Mary’s of Kickapoo School offers a curriculum that adheres to the Illinois State Learning Standards. Core classes include religion, language arts, math, social studies, and science, ensuring a solid academic foundation. Beyond the basics, St. Mary’s offers a robust fine arts program, including art, band, music, Spanish, and theater. This broad curriculum helps foster creativity and critical thinking in students.

One of the distinctive features of St. Mary’s is the CONNECTed curriculum. This innovative program includes Agriculture/Cooking, STEM Learning, Progressive Physical Education, and Typing/Computers/Coding. These subjects prepare students for real-world challenges and opportunities, offering hands-on experiences that enrich their learning journey.

Individualized Attention

The student-to-teacher ratio at St. Mary’s is 12:1, which allows for personalized attention and differentiated teaching. This low ratio ensures that each student receives the support and guidance needed to thrive academically and socially. Teachers can tailor their instruction to meet individual learning styles and needs, unlocking each child’s potential.

Faith-Based Community

St. Mary’s School is rooted in the Catholic faith, which permeates its curriculum and community activities. The school emphasizes the development of moral and ethical values through programs in religious formation and regular participation in liturgies, sacraments, and communal prayers. This faith-based approach helps students develop a strong moral compass and a sense of community responsibility.

The school’s commitment to service is another pillar of its faith-based education. Students engage in various service projects, learning the importance of giving back and helping others. This aspect of the school’s philosophy nurtures compassion and a sense of social justice in students.

Extracurricular Opportunities

St. Mary’s offers a variety of extracurricular activities that cater to a wide range of interests. From athletics and chess club to student council and theater, students have numerous opportunities to explore their passions and develop new skills. Participation in these activities fosters teamwork, leadership, and a sense of belonging.

Early Childhood Education

The early childhood program at St. Mary’s is designed to cultivate a love of learning from a young age. In a safe and nurturing environment, children engage in theme-based curriculum centers that promote creativity and early literacy. The program celebrates each child’s unique gifts and developmental achievements, laying a strong foundation for future academic success.

Inclusive and Diverse Environment

St. Mary’s welcomes families of diverse faiths and cultures, creating an inclusive and supportive community. The school’s mission is to help each student develop their potential as lifelong learners and community builders. This inclusive approach enriches the learning environment and fosters mutual respect and understanding among students.

Outdoor Learning Space

St. Mary’s also boasts an outdoor classroom, a unique feature that enhances the learning experience. This space is used for hands-on learning, play, and prayer, providing a natural environment where students can explore and engage with their surroundings. The outdoor classroom supports physical activity and environmental education, contributing to the overall well-being of students.

Technology Integration

In today’s digital age, technology integration is essential for preparing students for the future. St. Mary’s provides access to 1:1 technology for students in grades 3-8, while younger students use the school computer lab. This access to technology supports the development of digital literacy skills and enhances the learning experience.


Choosing the right school for your child is a significant decision. St. Mary’s of Kickapoo School offers a comprehensive education that combines academic rigor, a rich extracurricular program, individualized attention, and a strong moral foundation. Its inclusive community and innovative curriculum make it an excellent choice for parents seeking a well-rounded education for their children. While numerous Peoria schools offer quality education, St. Mary’s stands out for its commitment to fostering the development of the whole child within the Catholic faith, preparing students not just for academic success but for life.