In these modern times, many parents are starting to understand how sports or physical activities can help children grow and develop fully. It is truly evident in the lives of the young children who were exposed at a young age, where they have already built their confidence and strength in the early years. This would surely help the younger generation to be more ready to face what lies ahead. That is why parents and guardians play a vital role in ensuring that children are experiencing things that would help them be more ready to face the future.

One of the known sports that quickly captivated the interest of children and parents is the very well-known taekwondo. It is a popular sport included in different sports festivals and sports competitions. This simply shows how it is very in demand, especially in these times when people are more open and exploring different things that would help them have earlier experiences of sports.

Start Them Young!

Exposing children to sports in their early years will truly provide them benefits. This talks about physical and mental discipline and strength which is very important to learn nowadays.

Why choose taekwondo?

When talking about teaching physical and mental discipline, taekwondo is top-tier! Here children will grow and develop having discipline that is challenging to learn, especially for the younger generation.

Where to take taekwondo classes?

When talking about trusted and professional taekwondo schools in Singapore, no other name stands out except for the very well-known KTMA singapore taekwondo academy.

In this singapore taekwondo academy, every student will learn different self defence techniques with the help of expert taekwondo instructors. Rest assured that every class will be engaging and fun for the children. Here students will be guided by the instructors and help them reach their fullest potential.

Do not hesitate to embark on this unique KTMA experience and start learning taekwondo today!

What are the available classes being offered here at KTMA?

Be excited to discover the different classes that children will be openly experiencing here at KTMA, namely:

  • Tiny Jots / Junior / Kids Class
  • Sparring Class
  • Black Belt Class
  • Self-Defence / Anti-Bullying

Do not hesitate to know further information about the classes here at KTMA Singapore Academy. Trophy to contact them and send a message to

Why choose us?

Choose KTMA as they offer you a high standard of taekwondo classes perfect for different ages. Here the instructors will help students to reach their highest potential and have the opportunity to learn and develop different self-defense techniques. Also, this is a great opportunity to help children develop physical and mental discipline at a very young age.