The human body is the soul’s metaphysical form like the way the universe is God’s metaphysical form. The scriptures have addressed the human body as the universe, which has twelve worlds that represent the twelve segments of God. Likewise, the human body also has twelve segments. All twelve segments have their own “demigods” who control the specific facet. Therefore, tilak is applied to all these twelve segments, however, this spirit is of the path limit. As per Pushtimarg, Tilak with the spirit gets used to holding the feet of Lord Krishna. God’s footprints always stay on your head. Tilak is performed in twelve areas of your body.

Shape of Tilak

When it comes to men, a U-shaped Dandekar or Udharvalind tilak must be on the forehead. Women must do round Nikki only in Kapan.

Here are a few precautions related to Tilak:

  • Tilak shouldn’t be too large or thin.
  • Tilak shouldn’t have any broken lines.
  • Tilak should look beautiful and clear.
  • Kapana Shuddhi must initiate from the tilak naka root.
  • Dots/other symbols must be created in the area inside the tilak to show the Lord’s feet aren’t vacant but have different symbols.

People wear Tilak in twelve areas of the body. Here are the different names when wearing Tilak:

Body Parts Demigods
Forehead Mr. Kaishwaye Nam:
Navel Shri Narayanan Nam:
Heart Shri Madhvay Nam:
Above Neck Shri Govinday Nam:
Right Cut Shri Vaishnava Nam:
Left Cut Shri Vaishnava Nam:
Right Hand Shri Vamanaya Nam:
Left Hand Shri Madhusudnaya Nam:
Behind the Navel Shri Govardhanai Nam:
Back of the Neck Shri Pradhumnaya Damodarai Nam:
Right Diagonal Shri Trivikramaya Nam:
Left Diagonal Shri Hrishikeshaya Nam:

The Essence of Tilak

The biggest essence of Tilak is that the devotee carries a lotus-like Lord Krishna’s feet on the forehead. As per “Parashar Madhaviya”, a person wearing a tilak in the Lord’s feet shape gets pure, and even if they die, their soul reaches Vishnu. According to Shandha Purana and Padma Purana, a person wearing a Prasadi Tilak on the forehead is a Bhagavadiya and receives a similar fruit as Agnihotra.

If a person doesn’t perform Tilak even after following all rituals, then Vishnu becomes a dangerous human being. Tilak is a propitious sign of pure marriage with God. A person who doesn’t perform tilak is considered a widow.

Scientific Importance of Tilak

Wearing tilak on your forehead gives you peace of mind. Your brain gets cool and the chemicals called B-Endorphin and Serotonin start getting secreted in a balanced quantity. The deficiency of this chemical arouses feelings of despair and depression in your mind. So, Tilak helps in giving you relief from despair and depression.

Read this brief story to realize the significance of Tilak in your life:

Once upon a time, a rabbit was passing across a forest. He witnessed the mark of the jungle king. Then, the rabbit circled and sat there. A fox came after some time and said to the rabbit, “I will eat you”. The rabbit said, “Do you know whose claw mark this is?” It also said the paw mark belongs to the forest king and the king told him to retain this mark and kill the species that bothers the rabbit. On hearing the rabbit’s statement, the fox got frightened and ran away. All the animals arrived but kept running away after listening to what the rabbit said.

The King of a similar forest arrived with a claw mark in the evening and said, “I will eat you.” The rabbit said, “You are ready to take but first say whether you have more power or your claw marks?”. Singh said, “In me”. Rabbit said, ” You kill me _ Getting ready but this paw print of yours has kept me safe from wild animals all day. Sitting holding this claw mark, no one could touch me for the whole day. Now if you hit me, people will say that your claw marks have more power and you have less power.”

The lion felt pity on hearing everything. The lion said, “I am very pleased with you because you were sitting on my footprints and I am giving you a boon that I will kill any animal that bothers you. You roam free in the forest, somebody can’t even touch you. ” Now, think if the rabbit was sitting hiding the forest king’s footprints, any animal won’t ruin anything. However, the Vaishnavas sit holding Lord Sri Krishna’s footprints. Thus, no power of the world can even bend Lord Krishna’s footprints.