If teaching is your profession, then you are aware of how online classes and lectures have brought about a great revolution in studying. You can’t survive in the teaching world if you are not aware of and aren’t using online medium or teacher online classes to impart  knowledge to the students. But when we talk about the online classes, it had some impact on the students and teachers as well. Let us talk today about how the online classes affected the teachers in these past few years.

  • Teachers find teaching pretty easy and interesting – When the educational system went online, teachers providing online classes to the students finally found an easier way to impart knowledge. Now, they don’t have to struggle to and fro from one place to another to reach the institutions where they used to teach. They can be anywhere and start their lectures and acknowledged their students. Also, there are various features in the online educational apps like recording the video lectures, systematic input of the student’s data and even taking test online that had made their job pretty easier. With the add on features like quizzes app and pictorial videos and so on that has made even their job quite interesting and fun.
  • They can approach and impact students better – In the physical setting of classrooms, no matter how much thirst teachers tried, some or the other students were neglected and they weren’t so very confident to approach the teacher and participate actively in the class. But with the help of online classes, students are more comfortable in interacting with the teacher. This have made the teachers impact the students better and reach them to a greater level thus providing them with better education.
  • Teachers can earn more –  The teacher online classes  haven’t restricted the teachers to any particular place and because of this they can take multiple classes at the same time. Yes by this we mean the teachers can record the lectures and provide one set of students the same while for the others, they can offer live lectures. With this multitasking, they can earn more.
  • Teachers can learn and teach simultaneously – Not all teachers have completed their education entirely. There might be some who would be excellent in their teaching job, but they need to upgrade their education level as well. With the teacher online classes, the teachers can now impart education and even gain it. This can be done with the help of a single educational app or utilising different mediums available online for free. At the end of the day,  the teachers can multi task largely because of these online classes.
  • Teachers find it difficult to adjust to physical classrooms too – Like everything else, the online classes had a positive and negative impact on the teachers as well. The teachers who earlier used to enjoy and responsibly take their physical classes are now finding it pretty difficult to adjust to it because of the convenience and efficiency of the online medium. This is the major drawback of these online classes which can easily be overcome  with a slight change in the understanding and attitude of the teachers.